Schiava Trentino d.o.c. "Cembra"

€ 15,00

100% Schiava - Vintage 2018. Manual harvest in the first ten days of October, pre-fermentative maceration of 36/48 hours, static pressing and decanting of the must, fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature, aging in vitrified reinforced concrete tank for about 4/5 months, before bottling. Schiava, a native Trentino grape variety, has always been cultivated on the characteristic terraced plots of the Cembra Valley. With a pale red color, the "Cembra" Schiava has an elegant aroma reminiscent of fresh red fruit. The wine, soft and balanced on the palate, is characterized by a light acidic vein and a peculiar note of bitter almond on the finish.

It contains: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites