Müller Thurgau Frizzante i.g.t. "Vigneti delle Dolomiti"

€ 18,00

100% Müller Thurgau. The grapes are vinified in white with soft pressing of the same. Active yeasts are added to the clarified must and fermentation takes place in 10-12 days at a controlled temperature of 14-18 ° C. The wine thus obtained is then placed in horizontal autoclaves where, added with yeasts, it ferments until it reaches the desired pressure. At this point, lower the temperature of the wine to - 4 ° C in order to stop the fermentation process and leave the wine in contact with the yeasts for a few days before isobaric bottling. Lively wine with a clear perfume, with green notes of green apple and mint. On the palate it relaxes with freshness and flavor to close with aromatic notes of field herbs and rennet apple.

It contains: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites