Ferrari Riserva Giulio “Ferrari Trento”

€ 160,00

100% Chardonnay - Disgorgement year 2018. The onset in the glass catalyses attention for its golden yellow color
bright crossed by a refined, dense and continuous perlage.
The sense of smell is granted slowly offering immediately flavors of apricot, mango and
grapefruit peel and gradually it is enriched with notes of yellow flowers, honey,
vanilla and grilled bread. With oxygenation in a suitable glass, they emerge
subsequently memories of white chocolate and a fresh spiciness that go
to complete an amazing olfactory range due to its complex complexity.
The entry into the mouth outlines a perfect gustatory circle where all the elements
are calibrated, from balanced acidity to creamy bubbles, rich
structure with a savory and refreshing finish on the palate that brings back notes of pineapple
ripe embellished with touches of salinity. The persistence of the aromas is
very long and seems never to want to leave the palate.

It contains: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites