Moscato Giallo dolce "Gaierjof"

€ 35,00

100% Yellow Moscato - Vintage 2014. It comes from vines located in various municipalities in the province of Trento, in particular from Besenello, bred
with Trentino pergola, in alluvial and sandy loam soils.
The grapes are subjected to an immediate soft pressing, after a short cold maceration
fermentation takes place at controlled temperature until a dry wine is obtained. A part
of our muscat is kept sweet, at low temperature, at the time of bottling
a part of the must is added to the dry Moscato wine, thus obtaining the characteristic Sweet Yellow Moscato "Gaierhof". Bright straw yellow color with golden reflections. Typically very intense aromatic scent reminiscent of grapes with notes of tropical fruits
and sage. Sweet, full and pleasant taste, with balanced structure and harmony.

It contains: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites