Bellavista Alma Franciacorta Cuvee

€ 65,00

88% Chardonnay - 11% Pinot Noir - 1% Pinot Blanc - Disgorgement 2018. This cuvée represents the essence of Franciacorta and the idea of harmony of the Method
Franciacorta signed Bellavista. It is made with mainly chardonnay grapes, therefore
pinot noir and a small share of pinot bianco. In the cellar it is assembled by hands
wise, starting from numerous vintage selections and some "reserve" wines of
previous years, an indispensable treasure to perpetuate the style of the house over time.
Another decisive factor is the fermentation and elevation of part of the base wines into small ones
white oak barrels, capable of bringing intensity and complexity. The color of wine
it is straw-colored with green reflections, the fine and continuous pérlage. Wide and enveloping, the scents
they range from ripe fruit to fresh flowers, to notes of vanilla and pastry.
In the mouth it is savory and complete, fresh and vibrant, decidedly consistent on the surface
aromatic. Long and harmonious finish.

It contains: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites